Welcome Prospective A&BC Volunteers!

A&BC’s volunteer opportunities are designed to connect business professionals with nonprofit arts organizations in the Chicago area. We work with business volunteers to address arts organizations’ staff and board needs as they develop and grow. Each year, our corps of over 300 volunteers works with dozens of nonprofit arts organizations. Our client organizations include dance, theater, music and performance groups as well as arts education providers, nonprofit galleries, literary organizations, and cultural centers.

Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA)

Work on Consulting Projects with Arts Organizations
The BVA program recruits and trains experienced business professionals, and then place them on pro bono consulting projects with small-to-medium sized nonprofit arts organizations throughout the Chicago area. 

  • Geared toward professionals looking for a shorter-term volunteer engagement. Projects typically range from 2-6 months long and volunteers sign onto projects when they are interested and available. 


Serve with Confidence on an Arts Organization Board
The On BOARD program trains and matches qualified business professionals on the board of directors of a small-to-medium sized nonprofit arts organization in the Chicago area.

  • For professionals looking for a longer-term volunteer engagement. Board terms are typically 2-3 years.

Attention Employers

Encouraging your employees to volunteer with A&BC—either as a consultant or board member—is a powerful way to develop your next generation of leaders. Our volunteer opportunities expose them to a wide network of business professionals and allow them to build and develop professional skills they don’t normally use in their day-to-day work.