BVA Team Lead Training

  • Arts & Business Council of Chicago 444 N Wabash Ave Chicago, IL

Every BVA Project has a Team Lead assigned to it to serve as the project manager and liaison amongst the client, the BVA consultant team and A&BC’s staff.  The role of the Team Lead is to manage the project plan and process, to align expectations among the key stakeholders and to ensure buy-in and participation from all parties.  

The goal of the Team Lead Certification is to provide clear expectations and development, related to running an A&BC project.  The program orients you to the 5 Stage Process used when managing projects for our arts clients.   

Requirements & Application Process:

  • Have served on at least one other BVA project before being Team Lead
  • Be nominated by another BVA consultant to participate (nomination process includes emailing A&BC Program Director and explain why BVA consultant would make a successful Team Lead)
  • Identifies with the BVA Team Lead core competencies
              Clear Communication
              Effective Resource Management
  • Has professional experience serving as a project manager and leading a team
  • Will commit to up 6 hours, including pre-work, to obtain certification
  • Will complete this online application by May 8, 2017.